Novel editing service

The more you write, the more difficult it is to find meaningful criticism. Numerous 'professionals' and 'editors' are out there offering to assess your work, but who are they and what is their experience? How do you know who to trust?

What you need is detailed, comprehensive, honest, constructive and insightful feedback from somebody who actually puts theory into practice. Not general hints, not vague observations, not simplistic praise. You want an X-ray. A CAT scan. Full blood-work for your novel.

How publishers assess your novel

The truth is that no genuine agent or publisher is going to read your whole novel if the first few pages are not up to standard. Anyone offering to edit your whole novel will be wasting your time and money if your prose is not publishable ? but will they ever tell you that? Structure means nothing without effective prose.

How I assess your novel

I don't want to see your whole novel straight away, and you don't want me to. I initially ask to see only the first few thousand words. With this sample, I can judge whether your writing is up to scratch and whether an agent or publisher would actually read on. I'll do a full diagnosis of your writing and provide comprehensive feedback with which you can reassess your entire novel.

And if your first few thousand words are indeed up to standard, only then will I recommend that you send the entire novel - because only then will it stand a chance in the real world of publishing.

"[McCreet] keeps a firm eye on structural machinery, giving us leisure to enjoy his stylistic sleights of hand."

Times Literary Supplement

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